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I can consult with organizations on mental health and wellness, health promotion strategies, and clinical leadership. With my experience in mental health tech, I have experience with clinically-focused product, content, operations, and go-to-market considerations. As a subject matter expert, I can consult on a variety of topics with a focus on health psychology such as designing and evaluating treatments related to substance use care, sleep, co-occurring physical and mental health concerns.

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Speaking Engagements

Content for speaking engagements can be tailored to audiences and can range from educating people about specific, evidence-based emotional wellness practices like self-compassion, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles, and harm reduction to overviews of important mental and public health trends like the impact of mental health or substance use concerns on employers. For specialized audiences, deeper discussions are available such as the role of tech in mental healthcare, the importance of ethics in mental health tech, and translating psychological science to the real-world.

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I use principles of health psychology to understand the complex relationships between all of the domains of my clients’ lives and develop plans that move them toward their therapy goals. The foundation of my approach is culturally- and client-centered care. I use evidence-based treatments that incorporate mindfulness, focus on the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, in order to support my clients in living a values-driven life. 

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