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Hello, I'm Dr. Jessica Watrous

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist working in digital health. As a health psychologist, my work is focused on the intersection between physical and mental health. I get up to all sorts of things professionally including public speaking and consulting. I have expertise in digital health, substance use concerns, trauma and PTSD, military and veteran care, anxiety, and stress.

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I consult with organizations on mental wellness, health promotion strategies, and leadership. I'm able to consult on a variety of health psychology topics including substance use care, sleep, co-occurring physical and mental health concerns.

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Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements can be tailored to fit your organization, conference, etc. Depending on your group, I can cover a variety of topics including self compassion, Acceptance and Commitment principles, and more.

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I use principles of health psychology to understand the complex relationships between all of the domains of your life. In collaboration with you, we’ll come up with a scientifically supported plan to enhance your well-being and get you to a place where you’re living a values-based, vibrant life.

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